Conferences are always a principal mechanism for attracting business. Like all such events, though, they are assessed on the longer-term return on investment versus attendance cost, quality of technical presentations. networking opportunities, etc.

For still relatively small businesses we have to be selective about choices, and unfortunately many Australian conferences (eg Appea, AusIMM Uranium) are priced too highly to be worth attending, given still low input from Australian oil and mineral explorers towards industry consultants. As one trigger leads to another, the concern is that skills drift away from being made available locally to Australian Explorers in favour of more active locations.

At the end of 2017 there was optimism about an upturning exploration market, yet despite plenty of networking at SA Explorers Conference and AEGC 2018, there have been few Australian queries in the business email inbox.

Attention returns in June to Europe and Asia where output remains steady. Gondwana Geoscience will be attending EAGE Copenhagen 2018 where I am presenting a paper on Interpretative methods in Potential Field Tensors. This will be followed by a visit to PESGB/SEAPEX Conference which will highlight exploration in the broader Asia Pacific Region. Both conference visits are associated with business projects.

Gondwana Geoscience will be attending the Adelaide SAREIC Conference at the end of July 2018 to attract attention from Australian Explorers.

Here's a link to a paper published on potential fields methods for constrained inversion in Uranium Exploration, which I presented at AusIMM 2014.

See you out in the conference universe!!


PS: As a footnote, my Tensor series of articles was suspended as the Tensor Interpretation paper was being prepared for publication. I will resume the series when the publication is submitted.

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