As part of Gondwana Geoscience's commitment to promoting its business and diversifying its interests, as well as publishing scientific content, selected national and international conferences are attended each year. Workshops and Training services are also occasionally attended and performed in parts of Australia and internationally, sometimes in association with conferences.




December 08-11 2020

82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands (presenter, author)



Previous Conferences (2015-2019):


PESGB/HGS Africa E&P Conference 2019

2nd AEGC Conference & Exhibition, Perth 2019

81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, London, 2019

SEAPEX 2019, Singapore

SAREIC 2018. Adelaide, Australia

80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France

PESGB/SEAPEX Asia Pacific E&P Conference, London 2018

First AEGC Conference & Exhibition, Sydney 2018 - Presenter, Author

SAMEC 2017, Adelaide, South Australia

SEAPEX Conference and Exhibition 2017, Singapore

41st IPA Convention & Exhibition 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia

79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Paris 2017, France

APGCE 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ASEG-PESA-AIG 2016: 25th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Adelaide, South Australia

78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2016 and Workshops, Vienna – Presenter, Author

40th IPA Convention & Exhibition 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia - Presenter, Author

SEG 2015, New Orleans – Booth Presenter

AAPG ICE 2015, Melbourne – Presenter, Author

77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, Madrid – Booth Presenter

APPEA Oil & Gas Conference 2015, Melbourne

SEAPEX Conference and Exhibition 2015, Singapore

ASEG-PESA Conference and Exhibition 2015, Perth

GEO-India: 3rd South Asian Geosciences Conference and Exhibition 2015, New Delhi – Presenter, Author


Short Courses, Invited Speaking Events

Nexus National Exploration Undercover School, Adelaide, December 2016 - Invited Presenter on 2D and 3D Potential Fields Modelling

EAGE Workshop on Inversion Methods, Vienna 2017

Geophysical Tools for Geothermal Exploration – NZ GEOTHERMAL WORKSHOP 2015 – Taupo, NZ – Invited Presenter, Author

EAGE Workshop on Non-Seismic Methods (pre SEAPEX 2015)

Geophysical Society of Houston Specialist Group in Potential Fields Meeting, November 2014 – Invited Presenter, Author



Zengerer, M., 2019. Application of Gravitational Curvature Analysis to Structural Domaining of Geology. A poster presentation for SEAPEX 2019.


Zengerer, M., 2018. An Overview of Tensors, Gradient and Invariant Products in Imaging and Qualitative Interpretation. 1st Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2018, Extended Abstracts.


Dunne, J., Zengerer, M., et al, 2017. Geomechanical prestack depth migration of the Kraken 3D (Browse Basin, Australia), 1st Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2018, Extended Abstracts.

Zengerer, M., Paterson, R., Campbell, C., 2016. Apparent Terrain Density Estimations with Variable Terrain Corrections Using Stochastic Inversion. 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016 Extended Abstracts.

Holstein, H., FitzGerald, D., Zengerer, M. and Starr, A., 2015. Left or Right handed potential data? First break volume 33, April 2015.


FitzGerald, D., Gibson, H. and Zengerer, M., 2015. Reconciling high resolution airborne gravity gradiometry surveys with 3D mine geology models: Sensitivity testing and new approaches ready for greenfields exploration. SEG, GEM Chengdu, 2015.


Zengerer, M., 2015. Geostatistically and Drilling Constrained Magnetic Inversion for Predicting Mineralisation at the Basil Cu-Co Deposit. ASEG Extended Abstracts 2015, No.1, p 1-4.

Zengerer, M., 2014. Use of Geostatistically-constrained Potential Field Inversion and Downhole Drilling to Predict Distribution of Sulfide and Uranium Mineralisation. AusIMM 9th International Mining Geology Conference, Adelaide.


Zengerer, M., 2014. Best Use of Drillhole Log Data for Geostatistically-Constrained Potential Field Inversions. 76th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Extended Abstracts.


Gibson, H., Burney, C.,  FitzGerald, D. and Zengerer, M. 2014. Non-seismic Geophysical Modelling Methods For realistic Characterisation of 3D Geology in Greenfields Exploration: A Case Study From the Southern Carnarvon Basin, Australia. Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association 38th annual Convention & Exhibition.


Zengerer, M., Matthews, C.G. and Randabel, J., 2011. 3D Geological Modelling Applied to Geothermal Exploration in South Australia. 73rd EAGE Conference and Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPE 2011, Vienna, Austria, Extended Abstracts.


Zengerer, M.,  Matthews, C., and Randabel, J., 2010. 3D Geological Modelling for Geothermal Exploration in the Torrens Hinge Zone. Proceedings of the 2010 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, p 232-242.


After presenting at AusIMM Mining Conference in Adelaide 2014 (3rd from left)


Matt Zengerer teaching Inversion methods for Intrepid Geophysics to Servicio Geologico Colombia, Bogota 2015