The first year for Gondwana Geoscience was dominated by Marketing and AGG/FTG projects, all of which occurred in Indonesia.

From May 2016 when 3 contracts for Falcon AGG and FTG QC were won by Gondwana, the rest of the year was full steam ahead in the business of ensuring that a new market for gravity gradiometry data - Indonesia - was being well-satisfied with product delivered by acquisition contractors CGG and Bell Geospace. 

Nearly 40000 line km of data were QC-ed by Matthew Zengerer and Rainer Wackerle and plenty of visits to Indonesia undertaken. 

New data looks highly prospective for a region which is vast in size and highly prospective for hydrocarbons, yet experiencing issues in data competitiveness due to a low oil price environment and some tough logistical challenges, gravity gradiometry may well prove the answer.

For more information please contact us!! Cheers Matt.

PS here's me about to carry out an airborne geophysics plane inspection for start-up QC in Sumatra, Indonesia.